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- About your request
I accept various illustration productions.
I'm looking for requests from time to time, please feel free to contact me.
I will refuse requests for free or requests for R - 18, R - 18G illustrations.
It is possible to proceed with work preferentially depending on the projects that can be published and the amount of remuneration.

- About Contact -
Please use mail form to contact me.
In the case of inquiries etc, please enter the content in the details column after entering "inquiries" etc. in the work details.
Regarding the message from the mail form, I will reply to the e-mail address you entered within the basic 3 days.

- About contents of request -
When you make a request, smooth response can be made after entering the following contents.
Based on the content you entered, I will consider acceptance of acceptance, I will consult the content of your request.

■ Production size
Desired size of illustration to produce. It is easy to understand if it is length × width (px).
If there is a print shop template etc, please specify so.

■ Delivery time
The desired date of finally delivering the finished item.

■ Usage range of finished product
Book cover · illustrations, product release media (applications, game machines, etc.), goods etc.

■ Manuscript, budget
I will consult based on the amount you entered.
In addition, we ask you to pay consumption tax separately.

■ Other details
Please enter details of the request, such as contents of the request illustration, client name, availability of achievement disclosure.
Please also give us your questions here.

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